MAR Workshop ESA 2007, San Jose, CA


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MAR Workshop ESA 2007, San Jose, CA



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Overview of Workshop

The material presented in this workshop is based on the methods that are presented in Ives, A. R., B. Dennis, K. L. Cottingham, and S. R. Carpenter. 2003. Estimating community stability and ecological interactions from time-series data. Ecological Monographs 73:301–330, which the workshop organizers have used in several analyses of lake and ocean ecosystems. The hands-on section uses a toolbox and graphical interface, LAMBDA, designed to make it simple to do basic MAR-1 analyses and simulations. This toolbox was written by Steven Viscido while at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center.

Workshop Goals
The theory behind MAR-1 models can be daunting for those unfamiliar with these types of models. Coding up a MAR-1 analysis, even with the code provided in the original paper, is task that would take months for most ecologists and requires considerable skill at statistical coding. The main goal for this workshop is to lower these technical barriers to performing a MAR-1 analysis.

By the end of the workshop, participants should

  • Understand of the basic theory behind a MAR-1 analysis. We will not cover all the material in Ives et al. 2003, but will give a solid overview of the main points.

  • Understand the major steps in a MAR-1 analysis

  • Be able to perform a basic MAR-1 analysis using the LAMBDA toolbox

  • Be able to interpret the interaction matrices and stability metrics from a MAR-1 analysis

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