ESA 2007: Parsimony and Model Complexity


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ESA 2007: Parsimony and Model Complexity



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Schedule of Talks

8:00 AM Complementary Bayesian, frequentist, and cross-validation approaches to model selection and testing Perry de Valpine, University of California - Berkeley

8:20 AM Structural equation models: Perspectives on and challenges to model selection James B. Grace, United States Geological Survey

8:40 AM Bayesian multimodel inference: Suggestions for handling the potentially profound effects of priors on parameters William A. Link, United States Geological Survey

9:00 AM Assessing models of complex ecological systems using Pareto optimality E. David Ford, University of Washington, Maureen A. Kennedy, University of Washington, Joel H. Reynolds, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Marianne C. Turley, Bureau of Land Management, R. Komuro, The Bioengineering Institute

9:20 AM Proper and improper use of AIC Shane A. Richards, University of Durham

9:40 AM Break

9:50 AM Parsimony for ecological models of multivariate response data based on dissimilarity matrices Marti J. Anderson, University of Auckland

10:10 AM Parsimony and complexity in mixed models for longitudinal data Philip Dixon, Iowa State University

10:30 AM Easy maximum likelihood estimation for complex ecological models using Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo methods Brian Dennis, University of Idaho, Subhash R. Lele, University of Alberta, Frithjof Lutscher, University of Ottawa

10:50 AM Bayesian model selection and trend analysis of the Florida manatee via aerial surveys Bruce A. Craig, Purdue University

11:10 AM Model complexity affects predicted transient population dynamics: A case study with Acyrtosiphum pisum Brigitte Tenhumberg, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

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