ESA 2007: Parsimony and Model Complexity


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ESA 2007: Parsimony and Model Complexity



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How to upload talks

How to upload talks and supplementary information.

Two options:
1. Send ppt or pdf to Kendra who will upload.
2. Upload yourself.

  • Convert your talk to a pdf (no ppt's can be uploaded).

  • Login (see email I sent)

  • Go to your 'tab' on the top navigation.

  • Click on 'add child' in left nav bar

  • Choose add pdf. This will convert the pdf to a series of images. Patience this part take time.

  • After the images are up, you can go to each slide and add notes in the 'description' box. You can also add files (think notes or files of any sort), by clicking 'add child' in the left nav bar.

  • Hint 1: 'folder' is the kind of child to add to add a page with plain text. Just add folder child and add text to the description box.

  • Hint 2: Folders are containers that can hold other children (images, folders, files).

  • Hint 3: Make sure to check where you are in the child hierarchy before adding a child. The child hierarchy is shown below the solid line. Looks like this f1 > f2 > f3 > f4

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