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Installing LAMBDA

There are 2 ways to run LAMBDA:
1. Option 1. From an executable file. This does not require MatLab. Windows only.
2. Option 2. From the MatLab source code. This requires MatLab 7+ and the Statistics and Optimization toolboxes. All operating systems.

Note that even if you have MatLab, you can run from the executable if you wish.

Option 1: executable version You have neither MatLab nor the MatLab Component Runtime 7.6 (MCR) installed on your computer. If you have MatLab you can still run from the executable--for example if you don't have MatLab 7+ or you are missing the Statistics or Optimization toolboxes. [If you already happen to have MCR installed, you don't need to download it again. Just go here.]

  • Download the LAMBDA_MCR_pkg.exe (which has LAMBDA + the MCR on it) from HERE. Warning: it is a 138 MB file.

  • Place the file (LAMBDA_MCR_pkg.exe) into the desired folder on your computer. The installation will create a few files so make sure to move LAMBDA_MCR_pkg.exe to its own folder.

  • Double-click the LAMBDA_MCR_pkg.exe file to run it.

  • A Graphical User Interface will pop up asking you where you want to install the MatLab Component Runtime. You can just accept the default if you don't have a preference.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions. If you get a warning ".NET Framework 2.0 is not installed" just click continue. You do not need the .NET Framework.

  • A new file will be created, called LAMBDA.exe, in the folder where you put LAMBDA_MCR_pkg.exe. This is the extracted, executable form of LAMBDA.

  • Double-click that file to run LAMBDA after the MCR installation is completed.

  • At first the black command window will appear. Wait. After a pause, the LAMBDA initial page appears (looks like this). Now LAMBDA is ready to go.

  • Each time you want to run LAMBDA, you will double-click on LAMBDA.exe. You can now get rid of LAMBDA_MCR_pkg.exe and MCRInstaller.exe (unless you want to save them to install LAMBDA on another machine), but keep the other files.

  • You only need to double-click on, and extract the *_pkg.exe files once. After that, you can just double click LAMBDA.exe to run the program.

    Option 2: matlab source code You have MatLab Version 7 or later on your computer AND the MatLab Statistics and Optimization toolboxes. Note even if you have MatLab, you can still use the executable version (option 1) if you want.

  • Download the LAMBDA Source File archive from here. 927 KB

  • Unzip the LAMBDA source file archive into a folder of your choosing using WinZip, WinRAR, or Windows Unzipper.

  • Start Matlab

  • At the command prompt, use the "cd" command to navigate to the LAMBDA folder (this will vary depending on where you unzip it).

  • Once "inside" the LAMBDA folder, type 'lambda' at the command prompt.

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