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MAR Workshop ESA 2007, San Jose, CA



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System Requirements

What are the system requirements?

If you are running the executable version of LAMBDA that does not require MatLab, you need
1. Windows XP/2000
2. 256 MB of RAM
3. 150 MB of Hard Drive Space (most of this is for the Matlab Component Runtime)

If you are running from the source code, you can run on a PC, Linux, Unix, or Mac.
1. MatLab version 7.0.1 (R14) w/service Pack 1, or later
2. MatLab's Statistics and Optimization toolboxes
3. At least 256 MB of RAM on your system
4. 5 MB of Hard Drive space for the LAMBDA installation

Note that the memory (RAM) requirements are mostly for MatLab. LAMBDA itself generally takes only 2-3 MB of RAM while running (this includes having a small dataset in memory). However, please note that system requirements may be higher, if you have a very large dataset, or one with lots of variates and covariates.

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