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MAR Workshop ESA 2007, San Jose, CA



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Ives Lake Data Example

This example will use data from the two experimental lakes discussed in Ives et al 2003. These data are weekly counts over six summers of two phytoplankton species (large and small) and two zooplankton species (Daphnia and non-Daphnia). This dataset has two co-variates: nutrient addition and fish biomass.

The purpose of this exercise is to
• See how to import data from and Excel file
• Learn how to include co-variates
• Learn how to fit a MAR-1 when you select the interactions to include
• Learn how to compare significant interactions when the model is larger and the interaction matrix is larger
• Calculate different types of stability metrics and get a better feel what each one measures
• Practice making hypotheses for the difference between the lakes based on a MAR-1 analysis

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