MAR Workshop ESA 2007, San Jose, CA


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MAR Workshop ESA 2007, San Jose, CA



Version 0.4
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This is the stand-alone (executable) version of LAMBDA. It does NOT include the Matlab Component Runtime environment (MCR). That must be downloaded and installed separately.

Use this if you already have MatLab Component Runtime 7.6 (MCR) installed on your computer. For example, you have used compiled MatLab products like LAMBDA before and have already installed MCR. If you do not have MCR installed, go back to the installation instructions and follow Option 1. Note MCR is not part of the MatLab program; even if you have MatLab, you will still need to install MCR .

  • Download the LAMBDA executable without the MCR from here. 710 KB

  • Place the file (LAMBDA_pkg.exe) into the desired folder or the desktop.

  • Double-click on LAMBDA_pkg.exe

  • A resulting file, LAMBDA.exe, will be created. This is the extracted, executable form of LAMBDA.

  • Double click the new file, LAMBDA.exe, to start LAMBDA.

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